Safety Technology

A great deal of advanced technology including Personal Protection Equipment(PPE), work to keep the crew safe during the cruise season. Check out some of the great safety technology we use below and be sure to check our Safety Record.

Mustang® Suits

All personnel working on deck are required to wear a Mustang Type V Immersion Work Suit. The protection these suits offer is critical in the event of an immersion. For vessel crew working near the rail, safety harnesses are work for an even greater level of protection from going overboard.

Check out the Mustang Immersion Work Suits we use here:

Fire Suits and Equipment

Being prepared is central to Olgoonik/Fairweather's safety practices. While proactively pursueing safety through a variety of means, being able to react quickly to any emergency is critical. Team mebers are trained to don the fire suits and use the fire safety technology on board the vessels. These can include training on, and testing, the water pumps, oxygen masks and fire suits that are critical should a fire occur.

Safety equipment is highly visible for a reason. In an emergency being able to locate what you need can save lives.
Mustang suit and hard hat are required gear for everyone on board.
Practicing with the water pump. To make it as realistic as possible the entire fire suit is worn during practice to help familiarize users with the feel of the suits.