CSESP Study Data Available to the Public

Do you have a question to ask that can be answered with our collection of data? If so, we share our biological and metocean data through both the NOAA and the Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS). Take care to make sure you understand the data and always make sure to acknowledge your data source.

Data-Sharing Agreement

An historic data-sharing agreement signed in August 2011 between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and three oil companies (ConocoPhillips, Shell and Statoil) has laid the groundwork to coordinate with the Alaska Oceanic Observing System (AOOS) to provide public access to a wealth of oceanographic and environmental data collected by CSESP between 2008 and 2014.

Data Collected Through CSESP

Scientific data - all program years

Biological, physical, chemical, geophysical, and meteorological data collected in the Arctic Ocean and Chukchi Sea in support of CSESP from 2007 to 2014 (NODC Accession 0124308).

Vessel-mounted instrument and met buoy data - all program years

Physical and meteorological data collected by shipboard ADCP and CTD, and moored meteorological buoy data collected in the Chukchi Sea from February 2007 to October 2014 by contractors for Shell, ConocoPhillips and Statoil (NODC Accession 0093399).

Non-CSESP Chukchi Sea Data Links

Distributed Biological Observatory

The Distributed Biological Observatory is a collaborative project with multiple project sharing data sampled at regional "hotspot" transect lines and stations.

Alaska Ocean Observing System

AOOS is the eye on Alaska's coasts and oceans and represents a network of critical ocean and coastal observations, data and information products.

If you use the CSESP data, we ask that you acknowledge us with the following:

Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program (CSESP, http://www.chukchiscience.com). CSESP funding provided by ConocoPhillips, Shell Exploration and Production, and Statoil USA Exploration and Production.